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Are there health problems among the animals, is it too cold or too warm or are the energy costs too high?

Have a climate check performed.

During a climate check all matters concerning ventilation and heating are checked.

The following aspects are considered:

*Size and construction of the inlet openings.

*Restricting of wind influences (very important)

*Judging of the present air dividing system

(as e.g. canal ventilation, door ventilation, ceiling ventilation, valves, combined ventilation etc.)

*Climate settings the climate computer.

*Checking the proper working of temperature sensors, measuring fans, ventilators, a.s.o.)

*Judging of the air divider

*The tracing of losses of warmth or the leaking of air, by means of an infra-red camera.

*All findings and recommendations are summed up in a clear report which is send within 7 days.

It is advisable that you apply for information concerning the ventilation in the new situation before you build or rebuild a sty.

The best plan is to do this before a design is made.

In that case, the design can be made based on the requirements connected with a certain ventilation system.

In most situation the ventilation system has to be adjusted to an already completed design. In that case, concessions have to made, unfortunately, which are not in the best interest of the ventilation system.

All matters concerning ventilation and heating are gone through in the case of new-building and/or rebuilding advice.

Everything that has been discussed or advised will be sent in a report within 7 days.

Van der Voorst Climate Control provides courses for e.g. company instructors. In the half-day courses it is possible to discuss all aspects of climate control on the basis of practical mistakes, standards, photographs. A course lasting the other half of the day, held at a farm could be filled in with actual measurements and anything connected with the climate check. Courses/lectures can be held for pig-farmers/study groups, in which the practical work is emphasized. Often made practical mistakes and solutions can be discussed. Also, a lot of attention will be paid to the saving of energy.

The costs for heating on sow-farms still vary from 6 euros per sow to 80 euros per sow.

Climate platform

The Climate platform consists of climate specialists from, information, instruction, and research.

The aim of the climate platform for pig sties is “to contribute to the improvement of the climate in sties in Dutch pig-farming by providing clarity in advice, gathering knowledge and providing members with this knowledge, and to function as a sound-board for research via the trade press. “

The Climate-platform for pig-farming has already published the often used table of climate settings. The platform has also set up leaflets with design directives and directives for users.

The leaflets give information on the design of ventilation systems for new building or rebuilding, but can also be used to improve and test the design and the use of ventilation systems in existing sties.

The following leaflets have already been published:

  • Climate settings.
    Ground channel ventilation.
    Door ventilation.
    Combined ventilation and tube ventilation.
    Ceiling ventilation.
    Air inlet valves.