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Company profile

Van der Voorst climate control was founded in 1997 by Peter van der Voorst.

After my studies at the Higher Agricultural School in Dordrecht and the Higher Education for the improvement of animals I worked for the Dalland basic breeding company for approximately two years. Afterwards I worked for the Animal Health Service Boxtel for 12 years. My main interest was the ventilation of pig sties.Since 1997 I have continued this kind of work on an independent basis. Since 1985 I am daily occupied with all aspects of climate control, mainly in pig sties. The greater part of my work consists of the visiting of farms that have problems which are possibly caused by a wrong way of ventilation. I also give advice to farmers who are planning new building and rebuilding. Moreover, courses and lectures are given for the benefit of e.g. pig-farmers and advisers. Since 1995 I am also the chairman of the Climate Platform for Pig-breeding.